KINLÒ The Way We Glow

Fighting disinformation with knowledge.

The Way We Glow, a platform to rightfully value and protect melanated skin.


While playing at the Australian Open, Naomi Osaka experienced her first sunburn and learned that people with darker skin are 3x more likely to die of skin cancer than people with fairer skin. Realizing the absence of information about adequate sun protection, and noting the beauty industry’s indifference to the needs of people with darker skin, Naomi set out to make a change.

She decided to create KINLÒ, a line of accessible skincare products designed for the melanin-rich.

“I used to believe the saying ‘Black don't crack,’ but now I've learned that's not true. 

In fact people with melanin-rich skin are 3 times more likely to have undetected melanoma.”

Naomi Osaka - Professional tennis player and creator of KINLÒ


Systemic racism has created a perception in media, in popular culture, and even in our own communities, that melanin-rich skin is not as valuable and worth protecting. By providing an informed, health-conscious point of view, we aimed to portray a more just and empowered ideal of beauty.

Racial inequality not only perpetuates a specific set of damaging beauty standards, it has also contributed to a fundamental lack of information, products and support within the medical and beauty/care industries.

In fact, the US National Institute of Health reported that 47% of dermatologists felt their medical training didn't prepare them to treat Black skin, and only 12.2% of dermatology programs had a rotation focused on skin color.

Kin Solution

We partnered with Naomi to create The Way We Glow, a strategic and creative platform designed to dispel common misconceptions about sun protection and to elevate the value of melanin-rich skincare.

Working with a diverse and eclectic team of directors, photographers and models, we captured beautiful portraits, and product photography that fully represented the shades of skin KINLÒ was designed to protect.

Our integrated campaign included an anthem, product films, and social content, where we raised awareness, educated on proper sun protection, and drove conversation. The work made a powerful, positive statement about being different, loving your skin, and loving yourself. 


From its launch in December 2021, the campaign generated strong engagement on social media and accelerated DTC sales on the KINLÒ website. It has since garnered coverage on major news outlets, from People.com, to Harpers Bazaar, E! News, Hypebae, Adweek, and even Sesame Street.

More importantly, it helped secure a national retail partnership with Walmart, which now distributes the skincare line in over 2500 locations across the US. Our campaign continues to drive awareness and product sales.

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